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How I fell for Briards

It was one of those moments that I realize now was a turning point.   There I was, standing on a sidewalk in Perpignon, France waiting for a  tour bus to take me and 100 other tourists to dinner at a “castle  feast.”  There were locals waiting there too for a regular bus.  Their  bus pulled up before ours, and off came a man with the cutest little  creature I had ever seen.  “What is it,” I thought.  “A dog, oh yes a  dog.”  After all, living in the US, I was not accustomed to seeing  people getting off the local bus with their dog.                                                                 

Bravery overtook me (after all, this was the cutest thing I had ever  seen) and I approached the man.  I asked in English, “What is it.” (I do  not speak French).  He must have understood me somewhat because he  said….”BRI….” Something that I really did not understand.  Back in the  states, I asked my one friend who was into dogs, “Have you ever heard of  a BRI….. something kind of dog. I saw one in France.”  She said yes, it  was probably a Briard.  So, I was off to the local bookstore where I  perused books in the dog section looking for a description and some  pictures of a Briard.  The more I read, the more fascinated I became.   This was in September 1991.

At the time I had a pet Lhasa Apso, Heather.  She was my first dog,  given to me by my mother who thought I could use the companionship.   Heather died in the summer of 1992.  My thoughts turned to a Briard.   But where would I find one?  I was talking to a local Bouvier breeder  about Bouviers and mentioned that what I really wanted was a Briard.  It  just so happened that she was aware of an 8-month old Briard female in  need of a home.  She hooked me up with the breeder.

I met the breeder at a local park.  The minute she let the Briard  out, I was in love.  I could not get the money out of my pocket fast  enough.  She was the most beautiful, elegant animal I had ever seen.  I  named her Elsa, after the lioness in Born Free.    And that is how I got  my start in Briards.  

An Experienced Breeder

I have been breeding Briards since June 2000.  In that time, I have produced on average two litters per year.  I tend to line breed as a rule with a few select out-crosses to improve on what I have.  I have produced dogs that have excelled in the conformation show ring, dogs that have excelled in herding and agility, dogs that provide invaluable service to their human companions, and most importantly dogs that  have made great family pets.  I am always looking for people who appreciate this breed as much as I do and am happy to share the wealth of love and companionship embodied in my pups with them.

About Briards

  From the AKC Standard for the Briard: "He is a dog at heart, with spirit and initiative, wise and fearless with  no trace of timidity. Intelligent, easily trained, faithful, gentle,  and obedient, the Briard possesses an excellent memory and an ardent  desire to please his master.He retains a high degree of his ancestral  instinct to guard home and master. Although he is reserved with  strangers, he is loving and loyal to those he knows. Some will display a  certain independence." 

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I am happy to help you determine if a Briard is right for you and if I am the right breeder for you.  Read as much as you can to learn about the breed and then ask questions.  It will help us get to know one another!  

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